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Is Generator Installation A DIY Project?

As a homeowner, it makes sense that you're curious about home generator installation. A home generator is a great way to ensure that no matter what happens, your home is safe, protected, and powered with electricity.

Unless you're an electrician, home generator installation is not a do it yourself project. Installing a home generator needs to be done carefully, and can be dangerous if you're not familiar with all of the electrical components involved. When you meet with your home generator installation professional, you'll first talk about the size of generator that makes the most sense for your home. A small generator will provide you with some essential power, but won't be enough for you to power your entire home. A medium size generator is a good fit if your main concern is heating or cooling your home, but it still won't be enough to power an entire house. A large generator will power your whole house, and make sure that you can carry on life as normal even if power is down outside your home.

Your home generator installation professional will go over different options for your generator, and you'll work together to find a time when installation makes sense for your family. If you're ready to start the home generator installation process, reach out to Karalis Mechanical Services today. Karalis has the experience necessary to make you feel comfortable that your home generator is being installed right, and will be able to keep your family safe and prepared for an emergency situation.

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